Sunday, February 7, 2010


So we have been here almost a month now, and things are going well so far. We are in our apartment now. Still waiting for all our things to get here. Hopefully should be here by the 20th of the month sometime. Can't wait cause im anxious to get all MY things here and make this apartment home already. The kids are doing great as well. Courtney is potty trained finally. Thank God. :) We went to Rome the other day. It was absolutely amazing!!! Pictures do not do justice at all. We are going to have to go back though, didn't get to see everything. Im sure we will go a couple times. It's not to far. Only about a 2-3 hour drive. The way they drive over here is exciting you could say. HAHA.. Every one drives so fast. And they all just zip around. Its like rally driving all the time. Tell ya what, i will have buns of steal by the time we leave here, from clenching them the whole time while in the car.. LOL Well, my picture loader isn't working on here now. Will have to try again later.

Friday, January 22, 2010

getting settled

Well as most of you know, we are now in Italy.. So far everything is good. We are living in a hotel right now here on the base. We will be moving into our apartment on tuesday. Its small and a big difference from california. But we will adjust. Haven't really got a chance to get out and see much due to the fact that we still don't have a car. Thats a work in progress. Still trying to figure out this blog and learn my way around. Right now all I have is time so I guess I will figure it out. The kids are doing good here.. We have been here about a week now and are just now starting to adjust to the 9 hour time difference. Was hard at first. Casey is doing very well. Been here about 2 weeks and already has his own office and has alot of responsibility for being the new guy. He says, Oh and my office has a window... LOL.. Well gonna get off here and watch a movie.. take care everyone

Thursday, November 12, 2009


So, i'm getting ready to head for Oregon on Monday the 16th. I'm so excited, i can't wait. Got pretty much everything done for Italy. Most of the paper work is done, all except our visas I think. And as fas as the house goes, got everything taken down, pictures curtains, decorations... The lady came today to do our pre-inspection. It went well. Going to have to repaint the wall in the living room but thats ok. It's going to be Casey here doing everything. We are heading for Italy the first week of January I believe. Casey checks out of battalion on Dec. 4th. My dad is heading down here on him Harley the first week of December to meet him, then they are going to take a few days and ride the harleys up together. Should be fun for them. I just cant wait to be home and enjoy family before we start this exciting new chapter in our life.....

Thursday, October 8, 2009


OMG!!!! Well everyone, we just found out today that we will be headed to Italy sooner then originally thought. Casey has to be over there and checked in by the 10th of January. So that means that we have to have our whole house packed up and on its way over by the end of this month. So that means i will be moving back home for a little while. Going to be staying in Salem with my dad. Casey will be staying down here finishing up work. I am so nervous. Even more now that we have a date. I guess the crime rate over there is through the roof. They told us that we shouldn't take our truck because its to big. Comparison, imagine a regular two lane road here, now imagine it being a 4 lane road with cars parked on both sides to.. PACKED!!! So i guess we are going to buy a little beater car over there. They also said that we need to get into the habit of not leaving anything in the car and to leave it unlocked. Because one way or another they are going to get into it.. Rather them just open the door and see there is nothing there then having to pay for a new windows..

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Well, we are still waiting to find out when and even if we are still going to Italy. Casey has been trying to get ahold of his detailer and no luck.. He's the guy who knows when and how and what and all the important things.. Good news is, that if we are still going the kids and I are going to be moving home in december, or mabey sooner, and casey will be staying down here. We will have to ship our things out about 2 months early, and theres no point in staying down here with nothing. So, I will keep you all posted as I find out things.. Thanks everyone for following me. I love you all!!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


So, I am starting this to keep everyone posted on our new journeys we are about to face in life. We still don't know when we are going to be moving to Italy but we are sure it will be in February sometime. I just thought this would be fun and a great way for our family to see us and know whats going on. So, here goes, hope it works out.